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Step 4 − Click the 'Visual Basic' button to open the VBA Editor. Step 7 − Edit the name and caption as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 8 − Now double-click the button and the sub-procedure outline will be displayed as shown in the following screenshot. Step 10 − Click the button to execute the sub-procedure.

Hi All, When fill data to Calc cells use UNO API (Java), it's take a lot time to re-calculate all formula related to the updated cell. Value = falsedispatcher.execute Dispatch(document, ".uno: Automatic Calculation", "", 0, args1())Tibor Kovacs, Hungary; LO6.1.6 on Win7-10 x64Prof.

openoffice screenupdating-64

Freezing recalculations is done with method add Action Lock() of the document.

One of my spreadsheets deals with various calculations involving, among other things, the current date and time and it would be nice to have it automatically refresh itself once in a while instead of manually having to either press F9 or altering one of the cells.

I've had a search through this forum using terms like screen updating, refresh, speed but am drawing a blank. Also tried looking through the developers manual but cannot see anything in the contents or index.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or would you know if this is possible?

Hi, I am working on optimizing some existing Star Office 8 (PU10) basic macros.

In addition to tidying up the code, converting recorded code to a standard format and trimming unneeded routines, I am wondering if there is a Star Office/Open Office version of Application. As you will know, setting this to false in Excel VBA turns off Excel screen updating while the code runs and often substantially speeds up the code.

Hello, MS VB and VBA have a toggle function called Screen Updating.

When set to false the user does not see the screen flutter as the program runs its course. Thanks Nick Using this turned a slow Viewcursor "turtle" into a racing car. Some functions like Viewcursor movements and getting its positions didn't like it and became unreliable.

Thank you, Regards Mark Thought it was about time I updated this post. Using a combination of both methods, I've cut down a pdf report generation and emailing macro from a run time of 4 hours to run in 8 minutes!

A macro that was looking up data from an intranet site, formatting and moving formulas around cut down from 70 minutes run time to 15 minutes.

Forced me to do some more research and wrote a macro to show all hidden Star Office windows.


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