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There is still great need for committed seed funding in this space and we hope by 2017 we will be featuring a number of those seed and venture funds that are currently being built.This years list is also more diverse than last years in terms of the types of companies featured on the list and where these companies come from.While many of the companies below show the real potential for what companies in this space can grow, it can also be one of the hardest type of startup to get funded.

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The five pillars or acts of worship in Islam Contrary to how popular culture portrays Muslim women's rights and privileges, Islam gives women many rights, including the right to inherit, to work outside the home, and to be educated.

As in all cultures and communities, these rights are often violated.

To best articulate the scale of the emerging global Muslim startup ecology we have broken it up into 4 areas: Muslims entrepreneurs play vital roles in regional startup ecologies around the world from Silicon Valley to Istanbul, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, London, Berlin, New York City, Casablanca and in dozens of other cities and startup communities.

In Silicon Valley alone there are tens of thousands of Muslims embedded in every layer of the tech and startup community including entrepreneurs who have had billion dollar plus exits like Omar Tawakol, as well as major players in VC firms such as Mamoon Hamid one of the founders of the VC firm Social Capital, and Omar Hamoui of Seqouia Capital.

As extremism continues to lead headlines about Muslims, how can the story about global Muslim entrepreneurs shine beyond the small minority of extremists who make headlines?

This is the biggest story about Muslims around the world not being told, a story with an emerging global ecosystem with tens of thousands of Muslim entrepreneurs all over the world.

There are also an emerging set of companies who are making impact on Muslim majority markets where products are produced and then branded and sold in Western markets with positive representations of Muslim cultures and values.

Ranging from Tiossan and Port of Mokha, who are both featured on this list to the wide range of social impact companies focused on global refugees like Rumie and we showcase here a set of companies with real global growth, making serious money with committed founders and investors driving this market.

Of course, not every Muslim dates and finds love in the same way; what one person thinks may be at odds with another.


  1. For Adin at the Hebrew University, "It seems to be that the situation is improving.

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