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I’m more interested in the character of the person that the way he pays his bills. I think this would have a more interesting take in this group given the climate right about...Seen on hot topics the question was posed on if you would date a police officer? Last week we had an incident with our neighbor’s dog.

Do you belive everyone who works for Nike supports kneeling during the anthem? There are people who were no doubt working for those companies before those scandals broke out and I would venture to say there are people who work for trump (towers, golf resorts, ect.) who were working for him before he ran for president.

Perhaps they thought about leaving when all of his racist remarks came out but the benifits or pay they had were to good to pass up.

I dated a former police officer (American), a few years after he'd walked away from it.

He was one of the good ones; no desire to be part of the boys club, no hunger for power, none of the negative stereotypes...

You can say they should leave anyway but what if they knew they would not be anle to take care of their families without that current job? Supporting trump and working a government job are not the same thing.

You said not all people who support trump are racist. I would be willing to bet that not all of the employees at his towers, hotels, etc are trump these are just not concerns about cops in Australia.

I definitely do not have the same associations you do.

Here in NZ, in my experience, Police tend to have their lives ‘sorted’ at a much younger age.

I’m 24 and a few of my friends have recently finished the academy and joined. For example, if someone works at a restaurant or for a company where they have a crappy boss, they may work there but not support their bosses behaviour.

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