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You should also get to know how his/her family feels about the Catholic faith, as they may apply pressure on them not to have their grandchildren Baptized or raised Catholic. The Catholic Priest will not be able to marry you, but he will be able to witness your wedding and bless it.The Catholic Church teaches that the marriage of a Catholic to someone who is not a baptized Christian is impeded (blocked) by “disparity of cult”; that is, the difference in their religious backgrounds (including atheist and agnostic).This was the hardest lesson I had to learn while dating.

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Also, if a person is not right with God, they can have a negative effect on you and your walk with Christ: “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character’” (1 Corinthians NIV).

So here’s the big question: Do you compromise or do you trust God for someone you do not have to change?

The response you get to these questions will go a long way to help you discern whether this is the person whom you have been called to forsake all others for. They may not believe in the process, but they don’t have to, because what is important is that you believe in it and they should respect that. I know it sounds like a ridiculous question, but you just never know in this day and age.

If they don’t want to go through the process then I would take that as a red flag and walk away. The Catholic Church defines marriage as a lifelong union between one man and one woman.

Many of us get the order wrong, we seek careers, relationships, and children before we seek a strong relationship with God.

Advice: If a person cannot love a Perfect God, that died for their sins and has extended unwarranted grace, they cannot love you.

I pray that these rules help Christian Singles find the mate God has in store for them, but to also set a foundation for a lasting marriage.

Many of our dating goals are to eventually get married, but without a solid foundation rooted in Christ; many marriages fail because of false expectations, loss of passion, and commitment to each other and God. Many throw around the phrase “guard your heart,” but never truly explain what it means and how important it is to God.

These are questions that you need to ask within the first 40 days of dating.

You must ask your person of interest these question before entering into a courtship with them.

Too often when our feelings get involved we are willing to compromise on things that shouldn’t be compromised. There are some wonderful men and women out there who have been divorced, some multiple times, who you may want to marry, but unless their marriage has been granted nullity by the Church, you can’t marry them and have it recognized as legitimate.

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