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The average temperature year-round is 16°C with an average low of 5°C in January and highs of 28°C in July.

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Holding sub-provincial administrative status and separate state-planning status, as of the 2010 census, the city has a population of 7,605,700 inhabitants, 3,491,000 of whom reside in the urban area which consists 6 districts.

It lies south of the Hangzhou Bay, facing the East China Sea to the east.

Ningbo has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa) with four distinctive seasons, characterised by hot, humid summers and chilly, cloudy and drier winters (with occasional snow).

The mean annual temperature is 16.53 °C(61.8 °F), with monthly daily averages ranging from 4.9 °C (40.8 °F) in January to 28.1 °C (82.6 °F) in July.

Ningbo borders Shaoxing to the west and Taizhou to the south, and is separated from Zhoushan by a narrow body of water.

Ningbo is one of China's oldest cities, with a history dating back to the Hemudu culture in 4800 BC . Ningbo was known as a trade city on the silk road at least two thousand years ago, and then as a major port, along with Yangzhouand Guangzhou in the Tang Dynasty; thereafter, the major ports for foreign trade in the Song Dynasty.

For those wanting to travel and enjoy more of what’s on offer, there’s the beauty of Don Qiang Lake, Zhu Jia Jian Beach and Feng Hua Xi Kou mountains, to name but a few of the surrounding beauty spots.

The subtropical monsoon climate of Ningbo means that you won’t freeze in winter or boil in summer!

There’s plenty to do in Ningbo with shopping centres, cinema, theatre and amusement/water parks.

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