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I always wished we could do this all the time, unfortunatly he doesn't have a laptop only desk pc :) the few times we did it were awesome : D I think we don't do anything strange, other than watch every movie in the world together through skype yesss!!!

wednesday used to be our movie day, but he now has lectures on wednesday but we still have our occasional movie nights :) We watched Thor, hulk, iron man 1 and 2, captain america together on skype and we are finally watching the avengers together side by side in october : DAs much as I want to fall asleep with him like that, I can't.

When I was there, he bought me a stuffed penguin, and I bought him a stuffed red panda. But otherwise, I can't think of anything that might seem strange. :) Yeah, my friends dnot really know about this, they might find it strange and needy etc.

We snuggled with them all the time while we were together, and now when we miss each other and want to snuggle, we snuggle with our animal. Of course to us it seems normal and perfect, but I could imagine to most people dating someone across the world seems strange as is. But its not like we have the luxury of being able to kiss our SO whenever we feel like This is a subreddit about long distance relationships.

I work a lot and want a fun dating and sex life without having to deal with everything a relationship demands.

This site has the best members and I love that I can even chat and watch videos and cams on my phone.

There are many ways to make long distance relationships easier.

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