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Anyone who missed Michael Thalheimer’s staging in Antwerp last season now has a new chance to see it in Ghent.Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the chronicle of a downfall unleashed by three witches.Almost twenty years after its creation, Verdi revised his Macbeth for the Théâtre Lyrique in Paris.

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One of them was Kristine Kasala, who now works as a nurse in Darmstadt, thanks to Linguedo.

The Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) exists to help ensure that the basic needs of the poorest families in Malawi are met.

They make a disturbing prediction to General Macbeth and his companion Banquo: while the first will one day become king, the second will bring forth kings.

Driven by his manipulative wife and partner-in-crime, Macbeth decides to lend fate a helping hand.

We present such people in our dossier, as well as outstanding ideas and projects that contribute to solving our global problems by working closely together within Europe.

In southern Africa, five countries maintain the largest cross-border nature conservation area in the world – in spite of all their political differences.

In order to stem global resource loss and climate change, there is a need to catch up on issues such as recycling-friendly product design or material efficiency.

Kf W expert Anke Brüggemann sums up how the transition to a circular economy can be achieved.

One of the triggers for this cooperation was elephants. On our website, pictures taken, among others, by the following photographers/photo agencies are used: Agentur, Deutsche Messe Hannover, Andreas Arnold, Jörg Böthling, Dominik Butzmann, Carsten Costard, Susanne Esche, Charlie Fawell, Rendel Freude, Torsten George, Gaby Gerster, David Greedy, Peter Himsel, Barbara Högner, Frank Homann, Fred Hoogervorst, Steffen Jagenburg (BRANSCH EUROPE), Thomas Klewar, Studio Kohlmeier , Florian Kopp, Georg Lopata, Jürgen Lösel, Kirsten Milhahn, Rüdiger Nehmzow, Rolf Obertreis, Rubén Arnaldo Farina Ortiz, Holger Peters, Joachim Röttgers, Mika Schmidt, Bernhard Schurian, Jens Steingässer, Pietro Sutera, Uwe Tölle, Jan Zappner. amandare, Yuri Arcurs, Kitch Bain, Ingo Bartussek, Sergio Donà, drizzd, Dmitry Ersler, eyewave, Zoltán Futó, Eric Gevaert, Fotolia XXV, Friedberg, goodluz, Dirk Hoffmann, imageteam, Christian Jung, Abdelhamid Kalai, Sergej Khakimullin, Vladimir Kolobov, krizz7, Kzenon, lumen-digital, marog-pixcells, Mindwalker, Miredi, mirpic, Nebuto, Tino Neitz, Christian Pedant, Franz Pfluegl, prognone, Gina Sanders, Henry Schmitt, spree berlin, SVLuma, Kheng Guan Toh, tom, Torbz, typomaniac, VRD, Joachim Wendler, Sreedhar Yedlapati.

Kf W is helping the emerging economy set up a modern waste management system to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the Mediterranean.

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