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29 with a revival of "Twelfth Night," with Leah Bateman as Viola, Mary Grey as Olivia and Herbert Waring as Malvolio. Grossmith have secured the English rights to Maeterlinck's "Les Fiancailles," the sequel to "The Blue Bird." Mess"^' at St. BIJOU Hack A West ORPHBUM Allen in Dixie" Or*«t- Mfthhtohl-Tj- Fa U Great Johnson A T Martin Bros •"Hit the Trail" Brown Slaters Miller A Lyie Harold Selman Co Hisses Black ft White Carl Mc Cullough Denver Archer ft Belford Tbe Seebacks "Holl May Decatur. Monroe A Qrant Tommy Ray •Edw Esmonds Oo Polly Ob a Chick Robt Everest The Belmoats Tracey Palmer Frozlni . The bills listed on this page for next week (those not for next week sre denoted by other dates) cannot be accepted as aothentlc for towns not yet opened. Tbe Newmans Lew Sully Gertie Van Dyke (Two River, Maaa. A Freeman Russell ORBENPOINT Leon Erroll Co Harry Carroll Davtes Co Wyoming Trio JImm Ie Hudsey Co Jas Thompson Co Hennlngs A Mafka Oreen A Parker The Brigbtons D Boston KEITH'S (ubo) May Olive Tom Nan Halperin Dorothy Roye Strnsaler's Animals (Three to All) Rock A Drew (ubo) Mortons Morton A Glass Clara Morton Montgomery A Perry De Leon A Davles Minnie Alien A Sis Josle O'Meera (Chaplin Film) Lillian •H Leach Wallin 8 Delmore A Moore Cook A Lorens 2d half 4 (loew) Rose A Wood Buddy Walker Dan Rae , Co •Mc Cann & Roblea Lots A'-Lot S *^5 BAT- Co 2d halt Bailey When VARIETY went to press, it looked favorably for a very large percentage «f 'reopenlnss Nov. The saggeation for artuls to keap In constant eommanlcatlsn with agents and boo|[inr ol Tlcca where it is not definitely known a city they may be booked for is to open still holds good. He proposes presenting Sacha Guitry in the repertory while Seymour Hicks appears in Guitry's Theatre in Paris. In a number of important cities, including Liverpool and Portsmouth, an interval of two hours has been ordered between performances so the theatres may be fully aired and fumigated, which does away with the giving of two shows nightly is COCHRAN'S FRENCH CO. of -the provindal music halls and a number of legitimate houses. Maurice Samuola Go POLI'S (ubo) (One to All) (Scranten Split) Ist halt Austlo Nasb Carvin ft ( A Yo Bkei«. Lawronce Bro Co Seabury ft Shaw 4 Haley Slsten .'.'r«. fl U) HIPP (wva) (Bvansville split) 1st halt Artolse Bros Cooney Slsten Leigh De Laoey Co Hal Stephana (One to All) Toronto, Can. the defendant engaged her in Los Angeles for • vaudeville sketch, for the season of 1918-1919. 4 of this year^ when he dis- The plaintiff, estimating her damages at 0, asked him for ttie charged her. When Lor« Fred Mllla Olrla Harry Meeban "Hello Tokio" to All) (loew) A Rogers Barlowe ft Hunt Jack Arnold Trio Mc Kay's Scotch Rev Anderson ft Gaines Alex Bros ft Evelyn Trenton. A second cause for action was another agreement in the contract, she alleges, whereby Baker was to pay all transportation charges from Los Angeles to the place of opening and at the conclusion of the engagement, he was to pay, also, her fare back to the coast city. Goldsmith, entered a general denial and sets up a counter action for ll Ol Ja . he claims she still owes V : Albert Sultan Joe Unrtlal Oe Ven Billy Harvey De Vora 8 2d halt YOUNOB Georgsl Us Trio Florens Duo Helen Oleason Co Walter C Kelly Gallagher ft Rolley Sebenectady, N. (moss) Helen Trix ft 81s Walter B rower Bart Earl Trio Ford Sisters Mr ft Mrs Ta Wilds " "All tor Democracy" Leila Bert ft ft G De Mont Show C^ Frank "Don't Lie to Mack Co Rev F Ooiman Julia Evans Chase fill) Bontb Bend, lad. "American Aoe" BIJOU (ubo) ALLBOHBNT (ubo) Bert .....,,...,,., Bsnfold Paul Decker Oo Margarot Farrall Miller ORPHBUM Asb A Lswte HMBRY (loew) Bpsrllng Sisters Mc Donald A Clevsland ...i Vretoafl- Tanconver, B. Rosedala BUnton Geo Leonard (^ A S Brown Co Doree's (^lebrltiei Imhof Conn A Corlnne Tvette A Sarano S ft V A B Frank Hartley Wiser ^ Burt I. 4) Forrest ft Church "austicating" "Heart of A Wood" Smith ft Kaufman Moran ft Wiser 2d halt (7-10) Alt Grant Brian ft Broderick ft I. H : Dolan Joe LETTERS VAUBTT, _^ Hanson Trio Haroourt Mrs L Harrison Chaa Harrison Olalre Harrison ft Manley Dillon J When H Wm :% : ' Morse A Mllstead Morton Nelllo Morton Stella Most Billy King Frank King Joe King Maude Leipzig Hampton Lew Hanlon Frank Kannon Morrow Lelgbton Bert Hall A L Hall Dotale Hall Duncan (SP) Wm Henrietta Morris Ra)r H Kbownr Rosiu l A La La La .•! Millard Broa Miller Mra Jack Miller Montrose Belle Kennedy Le Fleur Plore Le Oendie Anthony Haines Holly Haley Beralce Haley Clem Deane Hiss B (BP) De Oaberdon B (SV) De Hollls Hugh Ward, i B ' Kelly Phil Kramer Bam ' .

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(Reopened Oct 81) 2d half (81-8) Clifton ft Geo Randall Co Seymour ft Seymour Dabfaqae, la.

it - hai," at Grossmith and Laurillard are looking for a theatre to produce the great spy play, 'The Man with the Club . Daniel Makerenko has filed a com- plaint with the N. A MAJESTIC (wva) Fred Sosman Lillian Kingsbuty Oo Roy Harroh (;o (Two to fill) Dvloth Four Morak Jimmle James "Reg Busl Dess Hon" Maud Earl MAJESTIC Allen Ward Bros Stuart Barnes 8 Oaring Sisters Dallo Sf Tcz.

Whipple Huaton Co Plitel A Cushing Julius Tannen Liberty Trio Mc Donald Trio 2d half La Saemm Oat Ob Pk Uadelp Ua (ubo) (Reopened Oct.

The Chfirlot cloth to latest star, valued at $5,000, for a competition for wizards to appear at Maskelyne's St. of pneumonia, the Vaudeville theatres, Andre the Comedy and London, Oct. Walter Ceretta Jeans, a member of the Magic Circle, is offering a diamond TOM STUART RECOVERINa WAR MAP AT ', spectators are entranced. J, PROCTOR'S (ubo) Ben Bemie D Richmond Co Barnes ft Freeman Belle Baker Sliding B Watson Lytell ft Macy Oakea ft De Laoey Fuck ft Hess "On Manila Bay" B ft J Lovenberg Pawtnckett R.

• w ST., DUPRBSS .wva) •"Putting on Airs'* Oo (One to nil) Cincinnati, O. s k'fi Trs5Ho K'^H.^w'&'[email protected]'Y'a P£* mmmmif ' ' ;.

A Marr Neville Circus The Chadwlckji Maud Hatter H Green Co IS.

HIPP (BAh) Robinson A Hartla Jack A GUI La Rose A Lane Fred Ferdinand Prado's Mlramba Adler A Clark Bu Band 2d half Ruchcr A' db;cm AUTOMOBILE TRAINING For Men airf Wenia. Qltis Troupe (One to fill) 2d halt Johnson A Baker Guerro ft Carmen Porter -J White Co Irving ORFHEUM (wra) 2d balf Ward ft ORPHBUM "Vthen Things Hap" Mrs T Whtften Lou Hol U Tempest Co F Bamllt OB, Can.

' Ocdor l Uvlds, Robinson ft Martin Adier ft Clark FRED HILLEBRAND Hark LInder Co Coiui-uy 4 Helen Ware •Arnold & Allman Mr & Mrs J Barry Julian Uall '/ Hlckey Bros Thalerou's i Prado's Mlramba Band Kings REHEARSING with Joe Gaites' "TAKE IT PBOM Jimmy Lyons (Ubo) Blaucbe Ring ).' Sisters O'Brien Havel Co Friend & Downing (One to fill) 2d half Sherwin Kelly "Hidl Dg Bcbool" ALHAMBRA NOW J Harris •Morton & Russell EUoore & Wl UIonu Wutuon Sisters (Two 0 Sam ft Osa U A Ta M Joe Browning Mullen A Coogan J A K Le Marco Co Jack ft Gill La Rose ft Lano Lewis & Leon la Sako" W«t Pity's Langhlin (afth) 8 Harvards Mew York Jessie Hayword Peerless Trio "Futuristlo no Ttto" La Rose A Lano Myrtle Crowe fl'J! I2.'.\, Mc Kay A Ardino "Century Rerue" :- E'SSirjs Wf I'll'i ;. K'VS: ri KNTISf Cj Herbert Clifton ^"' .' A Palmer Felix to nil) ft r'^^c Ulr Gasper Le Ma Ire •- ft Crouch The Blends Wl Ured-OIark-Oo J B Hymsr (V Kathleen Clifford Lunette Sisters Fresno ^. ' ; VARIETY 23 ta Kanaa* Ia Mot Vlooent A Raymond Herbert BBtii«w Oo Bobby Van Horn Malcolm tf ORPHBOU (Sunday opening) -. (ubo) 2d halt (81-2) A Malla Hall A B Xansl Bfff Blleh. 7) A Cal Dean Brunelle 'mi in Moon" Kyra Jaa Orady Co Jas Orady Co Laurie ft Ordway Green Day* Wia.

Chariot's production of "The Mess" replaces "The Live at St Martin's. "Levltntlon" Carl Joro* - Bclchoff ft (loew) ftordon Uel Klee "Miss America" 2d half FUnt. PALAOB (ubo) Davis A Walker "The Lemon" Valentine Vox (Two to fill) 2d half (Same as Lansing 1st half) (Reopened Oct 28. MAJESTIC (Inter) Regular opening day Betty Reat A Bro Sundays) "Girl from Hilwaokea" (28-2) Kelso A Lelghton Cunningham Brierre A King Fern A Davis Hotel De Flddle LINCOLN (wva) College Quintet to Oil) Melette Sisters Flsber Hawley Co Heras ft Preston Clark A Bergman Eddie Foyer Dea Moines. 2d halt Bert A Pagle Dale Jstn Jack Norworth "White Coupons" Burns ft Frahlto Arnant Bros "Shrapnel Dodgers" Jennlngh A Mack Harold Selman Co Local Act Helfin . T-.-.":: Carl 2d halt (31-8) Southern Co Townsend Wilbur Newhofr A Phelps Espe A Dutton Kimberly A Page "Four of Us" Walker A Texas (moss) & Wood Tozart W 2d half (ubo) Film) Ball Whiteside Sisters to Oil) FLATBUSH Belle Adams A Thomas Venetian Gypsies AVE B (loew) •Ruth Moore (Two Rae Elinor Harry Rose Eddio Heron Ck) Barnes.

York City 2d half AMERICAN (wva) Htckey Mc Cormack ft Sban'o (Two to Oil) ft Island" 2d half Harris A Lyman Ritchie Orlfflth A St Onge A Dow Tennos Bee Ten (One to Oil) (ubo) Rosamond A Dorothy Wood A Wyde "Girl on Magaslne" Flanagan A Edwards 2d halt Dreon Sisters Kingsbury A Munson Wilson A Wilson (Three to Bll) KEDZIE (wva) Black A White Dreon Sisters Stan A Mae Laurel Alexander A Fields ORPHBUM Chas Ahearn Co (One to La Oil) Follette HEMMENDINGER^i OE^NSTRKT Mc Donald SHEA'S 'S7I (ubo) (Reopened Nov 4) Mile NItta-Jo Lemaire A Croudi Keno ORFHBDU (Sunday opening) Mile Dasfe Willie Solar BUI Robinson Shaw A Campbell 2d balf Ferguson A Sunderl'd Nick Hufford Cahlll 'Trio Bnrralo, N. Jewelers to the Profession Keane A White Tabor A Green WILSON (wva) Doherty A Scalta A Roamlna Klsher A Fllmore Alice Hamlltoiv 8 Mori Bros 2d half Lew Huff In. (orph) Carl Mc Cullough Archer A Belford 2d half Great Johnson Sperling Sisters Mock A West Eckbof T A (Gordon Mel Klee MIsn America Liberty Trio E. POLI'S (ubo) Bud A Jesse Gray Murray Livingston Thalero's Circus 'Somewhere In Coney 2d bait Sidney A Townl«y Qulnn A Caverly 7 Allied Song Birds Little, ' Janet Adair (loew) Martin Bros Emmy's Pets Johnny Dooley La Folette H - .••••:---.-.

Sohoen ft Walton GARRICK (moss) Lemaire Hays Co Durkin Girls Evans ft Wilson Shop Welch Mealy ft Mont Doris Hardy Co Louise Brocades Co Luckle A Bums 2d halt Among Those Present B Bouncer Circus 2d half Oallerlna Sisters "Pretty Baby" Barron ft Burt Oakland "No Half Way" Miss Campbell Dickinson A Deagon At Herman Smith A Austin "Married via Wire" Prospsr A Maret Onaaba, Neb. ORFHEUM Gl Uen A Mulcady Tbe Le Wrohs " Pottarllle, Pa. Bdw Connor Orace Conrod Ed Corllta Oroce Oaunt Jim Crelgtaton Crew Mildred Cromwell Will Cummlnga Blllle Curtis Jim Curwood Phyllis Cathbert Rupert Curty Sunday evening, at Broadway and 46th street, Dick Mason, exhibition skater, tried out a pair of pneumatic The skates have miniature skates. Where S P Doris I Douglas Irene Downey Mrs Maurte* Downing H Drew L Haw Harry Advcrtlslb K or elreubir letters will not be listed.

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