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Don't miss the discussion guides and recipe suggestions for hosting a book club with friends. Though she doesn't expect to need them in the near future, Eva keeps lots of extra batteries for her flashlight and a stock of canned food in her pantry. As much as Gloriana June Hemphill, or Glory as everyone knows her, wants to turn twelve, there are times when Glory wishes she could turn back the clock a year.

When Alice's Aunt Polly passes away, she takes with her the secret to her world-famous pie-crust recipe. In her will, Polly leaves the recipe to her extraordinarily surly cat Lardo... Suddenly Alice is thrust into the center of a piestorm, with everyone in town trying to be the next pie-contest winner... Jesslyn, her sister and former confidante, no longer has the time of day for her now that she'll be entering high school. Things have always been so easy with Frankie, and now suddenly they aren't.

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And she has her best friend, Maddie, to keep her company.

The girls have to pretend to be twin sisters, which Louisa thinks just adds to the adventure! Louisa isn't sure how she feels about her new roommates: athletic but snobby Rosie and everything's-a-conspiracy Evelyn.

This allows Lina, Madison and Holly to gather inside information that enables them to make better love matches.

In addition, the girls are guests on a radio show where they describe their reasoning behind creating the website.

Even Maddie seems different away from home, quiet and worried all the time.

Still, Louisa loves CMS—the survival skills classes, the fresh air. Lina realizes she has romantic feelings for Walker, but it may be a little too late since he's begun dating someone else.And Mads is dealing with her parents and the censorship issue for the most part.Start a tradition of reading with your daughter with a Mother-Daughter Book Club!Scholastic's selections below will help you choose books that you and your daughter will enjoy!including Alice's mother and some of Alice's friends. and it's up to Alice to discover the ingredients that really matter. Maybe it's the new girl from the North that's got everyone out of sorts.


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