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I’d been in the same relationship with Peter for five years but it wasn’t going anywhere.I truly respected and treasured him and didn’t think there was anyone out there any better.They ask me how people can tell if a rekindled relationship is just hopeful fantasy or whether they now realized what real love is and how good that past partnership might have become had they known then what they do now.

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I watched, stunned by the feelings that washed over me. I headed off to college and he signed up for the navy, following the family history his dad and granddad had established.

I suddenly remembered the entire experience and how terribly sad we were to leave each other. It was what our families expected of us, and we went along with their decision.

Here are two examples of magical reconnections that did materialize. I hadn’t been back in so long, and the family there had long gone.

Christine “On the spur of the moment, I just felt I had to go back home where I grew up. I guess that I just wanted to remember who I was when I still felt excited and hopeful about life and love.

Yet, I’d been spending a lot of time daydreaming about nothing so I must have known that I wasn’t really happy.

Don’t ask me why, but in the middle of the summer, I felt I had to go back, so I did.

Rekindled relationships are no more likely to be magically successful, but they do have two things going for them. The second is that they come back together with more experience, hope, and determination to make it work.

The third, and perhaps the most important, is that they’ve now compared what they had to other relationships, and appreciate another chance to do it right.

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