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Currently, he is working on a new studio album “Incredible”, which is going to be released in 2015.

It should be noted that Silkk was a founding member of the hip hop band TRU (1992 – 2005) as well as ta member of the band 504 Boyz (2000 – 2005).

Talking about his past life, Silkk THe Shocker appeared on the earth on June 18, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was raised with his siblings, brothers- Percy “Master P” Miller, Corey “C-Murder” Miller, Kevin and sister- Germaine Miller in Uptown New Orleans.

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” (2006) directed and written by Josh Austin and “Reservation” (2010) directed and written by Michael A. Additionally, main roles were landed by Silkk in the films “Corrupt” (1999) directed by Albert Pyun and “Hot Boyz” (1999/2000) directed and written by Master P.

In 2015, the film “More Money, More Family” is going to be released in which Silkk is also appearing in the main role.

His activities with other artists including Master P, C-Murder, Mystikal, Magic, Mac, Curren$y, Choppa, Krazy and other members have added to his popularity and sums to his net worth.

More, Silkk is known for his collaboration with R&B singer Mya: their song “Movin’ On” (1999) became a big hit and was certified platinum.

Focusing on his career, Silkk tasted his fame with his debut album, The Shocker in the year 1994.

After huge success from the debut album, he appeared in numerous albums from Mystikal’s Unpredictable, Mia X’s Unlady Like, and TRU’s Tru 2 Da Game.June 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, and is a hip hop artist and actor known under the stage name Silkk The Shocker.He has landed a solo career as well as being part of such bands as TRU and 504 Boyz.Furthermore, Silkk debuted as an actor in the feature film “I’m Bout It” (1997) directed, produced and written by Moon Jones and Master P.Later, he played supporting roles in the films “MP da Last Don” (1998), “Still ‘Bout It” (2004) both directed, written and produced by Master P, and No Limit Films, “Little Girl Blue: What’s Become of You?It ain't real between me and Mya, it's just what we're doing up there.


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