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This release of v Center Server 5.5 Update 3d addresses security vulnerability related to VMware Client Integration Plug-in, Web Single Sign-On (Web SSO), and Java Management Extensions (JMX).

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the identifier CVE-2016-2076 to the VMware Client Integration Plug-in security issue.

To apply the above fixes, use the 5.5 Update 3d deliverable to upgrade the Client Integration Plug-in, Web SSO, and v Sphere Web Client only.

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Note: Web SSO fixes are applicable only to a v Realize Automation (v RA) user.

If you are a v RA user, you must upgrade the Client Integration Plug-in and SSO only. Hence, it is not necessary to upgrade the v Center Server explicitly.

Read the following documentation: For instructions about upgrading v Center Server, see the v Sphere Upgrade documentation.

In your v Sphere environment, you need to update v Center Server to v Center Server 5.5 Update 3d before updating ESXi to ESXi 5.5 Update 3b.

Features and known issues of v Center Server are described in the release notes for each release.

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