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They’re both recently divorced, and their friends and family are eager to help them find someone new.Sarah’s sister is so eager that she creates a profile on a dating site without Sarah knowing, using her high school graduation photo as her main profile pic (she’s now 40), calling her voluptuous (she’s not), and telling potential matches that they must love dogs (an extra point for having the name of the movie said in the movie).As you probably guessed it, Milly finds out about her mother’s meddling and Jason’s knowledge of it.

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This interference includes placing a personal ad on a dating site and screening all the men for her.

After Daphne meets Jason, who she thinks is perfect for Milly, they coordinate a “chance meeting” at Milly’s work. Milly also starts dating another man, Johnny, who her mother met but didn’t like.

“Eurotrip” is one of the best teen movies of all time — not to mention it has one of the best songs to ever come out of a movie: “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” When Scotty’s girlfriend breaks up with him on graduation day, he gets drunk at a party to numb the pain.

Before the party, though, Scotty is emailing with his German pen pal, Mieke, when his best friend, Cooper, tells him it’s weird that he talks to a foreign dude every day and that he’s probably a sexual predator.

Online dating is a big part of a lot of people’s lives as well, as 49 million have tried it.

Combining my knowledge of movies and online dating, today I’m bringing you nine films — from rom-coms to thrillers to documentaries — that showcase both the good and bad of online dating, and that can teach us a thing or two about finding love on the web.

Milly is the youngest of three sisters, and she’s also the worst at dating.

It also doesn’t help that her mother is always interfering.

They all become estranged, but eventually Milly and her mom reconcile, and she sees that Johnny is who she’s meant to be with.

Lesson: Never, ever let your mom create your dating profile for you, especially if she’s controlling.

“Must Love Dogs” is one of those comfort movies that I’ll watch with my mom and sister on rainy days, and it explores what online dating can be like for divorcees.


  1. In our time, anonymity on the Internet means a lot.

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