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Listen carefully to what is being put forward so that discussions can be reasoned and helpful. That is rather a lucky thing for him and is something he will build on as he matures. I would guess you previously had a good relationship with your Mother,but due to paths you have taken in life,she would be hurting.he still lives at home now, but when he moves out I hope that he and I can maintain a good relationship together and not let time and distance take hold. I do show alot of affection and hugs are always welcome here in my home. You can't force a Mother to reconnect,just because you are ready.

Now, you have to be patient till her hurting stops and is ready to reconnect again. I understand that I have probably been one of the worst case scenarios for a son. I only saw her when she was trying to get away from my father, as did all of us in the house, And the occasional time when my father brought home some Ex.... The only time we ever really communicated was when we left when I was 16. Then she fell back to her shy, Fragile state of mind. I admit she has gotten alot better after the first year without my father but she doesn't like confrontations with anyone.

This I believe will be restored quicker if you don't force the issue. I've been clean of everything for over half a year now, and am planning to join the military. The thing is though, that growing up I never saw much of her. Her sister tried to kill her husband about a year ago, immediately after we left to move in with her current Boyfriend.

I also won't discuss touchy subjects, and let her talk about the things and memories that makes her happy.

I am dreading the day when my Dear Mother passes on.

This is not trying to flame you 'Wlking Man'but this is how I see it.

Reading all your Posts, I can understand why your Mother is having a hard time connecting with you.

In the main I have faith that he loves me and will always want to be around me. LOL When I found out I was pregnant for him I cried and cried because I was daunted by the thought of childbirth again. He is the charmer, the charismatic one and seems to get by on wits and charm. LOL I like to think I have good relationships with my sons.. I like to think as a Mom I have raised good sons that will be good people when they are grown. Wlkingman, the most important thing I think between a mother and son is the same thing we all should practice with each other. My advice is you yourself have to earn the love and respect from your Mother once again.

When he was growing up I was ALWAYS with him, as I was a stay at home Mom for his whole childhood. LOL I'm rambling I know, and I do not really know what my point is. Now, you have to be patient till her hurting stops and is ready to reconnect again.

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Even more so when it is an 18 year old son who brings it up, on a computer help website none-the-less, but I'm having a bit of trouble with connecting with my Mother.


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