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In the world of celebrities, there’s a great diversity that represents how women everywhere can have different styles and different lives while still remaining attractive and happy.If you’re a woman who’s always had an eye for certain women or felt that perhaps you might be attracted to other women, but never explored the possibility, these sexy celebrity women may just get you thinking about who you’re attracted to, or at the very least, appreciate the diversity of women everywhere.Like everyone else, these celebrities take their love lives as seriously as the rest of us, and have the added pressure of having their every move watched by the world.

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Thanks to her recent casting as Stella on the Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose seems to be everywhere these days.

What makes this Aussie native so attractive to just about everyone? Ruby has a tough girl look with a heartwarming smile and a killer sense of style.

Blake’s affinity for her health and happiness may also inspire you to take better care of yourself, which makes you and your partners feel sexy.

Nina Dobrev is an actress that has an insatiable appeal.

Australian actress Margot Robbie is on top of her game.

Working with Hollywood heavy hitters like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf on Wallstreet and Will Smith in Focus, Robbie is no stranger to hanging with Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.Emilia also has beautiful physical qualities as well, her blue eyes are piercing and her full lips are awe inspiring.With her exotic beauty and attraction to strong characters, Emilia is a woman that would make most any girl feel sexy.Mia’s long dark hair, soft blue eyes, fair skin and model-like appearance give her an almost untouchable quality that most any woman can appreciate.Mia’s physical beauty is attractive because she radiates confidence, not because she confines herself to a societal gender norm. In addition to her role as Daenerys, Clarke recently played Sarah Connor in the recent Terminator Genisys.Blake has a funny, vibrant and infectious personality that is hard to ignore.

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