Men dating many woman in jamaica

Financial stable meant catering for the necessities; wealth designates ability to provide excesses and the extras.Many Jamaican women want a wealthy man and not a financially stable male who is diligent ambitious and conscientious.With that said we are choosing our partners based on how much they can enhance our chance of surviving a harsh economical situation and not on shared virtues and valued attributes.

Many Africans will say that if they knew what the gold on their continent would have done to their people and country they would have found a way to destroy it.

Sometimes in life it is better to settle for a mere pearl that search for a diamond that may cost one, their life and sanity.

Based on this stance women are choosing partners based on his ability to provide for her needs and her offspring.

But it seems that Jamaican women are not choosing men based on his ability to provide for her needs.

We live in an era where the pursuit of temporality and wealth is chief ambition even at the cost of our ecosystem, life, morals and value.

We live in a society where survival is central and every activity including our choice of career, friends and ultimately our partner is geared at survival and material attainment.

Many alpha males are narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, anti social and suffer varying degrees of histrionic personality disorder and conterdependent disorder.

The barrages of overlapping psychological disorder among alpha males make them the most frustrating men to have a relationship with.

This may well be the reason why good men are hard to find.

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