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It's like I say about night game - if the ~20-30% of dudes who never got ass just sat it out, EVERYONE would be better off (except the proprietors of OKC, bars and clubs).

One dating app, The Inner Circle, has banned women in London from joining for one month, to try and even out its gender ratio.

Roughly 60% of the app’s 18,000 UK members are female, and further women will be blocked from joining until Oct 2.

The Inner Circle bills itself as an elite app and screens all applications.

Chief executive David Vermeulen believes this selection process has attracted more women.

There’s a built-in asymmetry which, to my intuition as a psychology, would explain why you get more men than women joining the sites.

But though men dominate online dating overall, a profile of specific dating sites gives a more nuanced picture.Actually, I'm impressed at the action that I've gotten off the website with this enormous disadvantage. The stats do corroborate my experience on the site.It also shows that Boston, while having a smaller total user base, has the best gender ratio of the major cities: ...43%. Like you, I'm also impressed by the amount of bangs I've gotten from the site.Other dating sites “can attract some weird people” he told Quartz, but Inner Circle offers an alternative, as “we offer the highest quality of single professional men.”The average age of users is 31 years old, adds Vermeulen, which he says is when people tend to be more serious about finding a long-term relationship.The theory that women are evolutionarily programmed to seek long-term relationships while men are only interested in sex is far from proven, but it seems that these stereotypes do play out in the online dating world.Sites that promote casual hook-ups and extra-marital affairs are dominated by men but, when it comes to more serious relationships, women are just as interested in online dating.


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