Love contracts for workplace dating

Spring will soon be in the air, and, with that, love may be too.

Employers have always shuddered at the thought of blooming workplace romances and the impact they could have on office morale and productivity.

The contract will be proof that the employer took the steps to make a safe workplace environment.

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But they also receive a line of protection against any retaliation at work.

Employers can enforce the love contract provision against the other employee in the event of the end of the relationship.

These policies vary greatly from employer to employer.

For instance, Google and Facebook have implemented policies that employees are only allowed to ask a colleague out once in an effort to avoid harassment allegations.

They have proof of taking steps to make a safe environment.

They also informed the employees of their rights in the event of the end of the relationship. When employees sign, they agree to relationship limitations in the workplace.A typical love contract will prohibit all forms of sexual harassment, including quid pro quo and any other unwanted sexual advances.It typically states that the relationship is consensual and the relationship will not be a negative impact on work.Enforcing a love contract protects an employee from retaliation and harassment.If an employee violates a love contract, then the employer's sexual harassment policy will take effect.Employers may use love contracts to indemnify themselves in case of sexual harassment.

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