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which is why we also recommend unlocking your phone while you're at it.The Android that powers your phone is called, in more technical terms, firmware.

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This leaked software used by Samsung to handle Android firmware updates internally has been helping Galaxy users to update, restore, and repair their devices for years.

Apart from helping you install the latest updates from any region on your device, it is also capable of flashing custom ROMs, custom recovery, and a lot more.

As powerful as the Odin software is, it needs to be used responsibly and with caution.

Here's an in-depth tutorial that shows you how to use Odin to install Android firmware, so make sure you go through it carefully before you proceed further.

LG PC Suite: Quite similar to HTC’s iteration, the LG Pc Suite offers a great user interface to help you backup, restore, and update your Android LG devices.

Available on the official LG download section this PC software to update Android firmware also comes with features like Smart Share to help you instantaneously share media and content between your phone and PC.HTC Sync Manager: Developed by the Taiwanese tech company to help users manage their HTC Android devices, which is available on the official website.Apart from managing the contents of your device and syncing data to the computer, HTC Sync Manager also enables you to install the latest Android firmware updates available officially.Almost every manufacturer in the smartphone industry provides updates through their website.This method will get you the latest official firmware for your Android phone, provided of course that your preferred manufacturer is among those who offer their firmware for download.However, things do get different when it comes to Android since the entire mobile operating system is compressed and stored in a writable form called NAND flash memory.

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