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For some people I'm sure that was great, but I would find myself in long scenes where I was not rattling on, and it was just really weird to me. And in order to imagine moving forward - which I was imagining at the time - I really hoped they would recognize the different job I was doing. When the creator of the show is gone, the actors end up being the people who have been there the longest. Graham: My feeling was [the episode] just felt too light to me - even as a season finale.

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They tried to make it appealing for us, and we tried to be imaginative, but then at the end of the day it just felt like we were trying to do something impossible.

Did you and Alexis band together during negotiations?

That should be the thing they're rooting for, because that's what the show set up. Conspiracy theorists maintain that you pushed for a Lorelai/Christopher romance because of your prickly relationship with Scott Patterson. How would you characterize your working relationship with Scott over the years? It's a working relationship, like most of them are. I really loved my scenes with him and the chemistry we had. Are you going to try and get her to divulge the final four words she had planned to end the series with? I think she would've given it up to me had we known this was the end. I can't tell you what a kick I get out of [hearing from the fans], especially the younger people over the years who have grown up with the show and have [developed] a bond with a family member from a different generation while watching it together.

That was the other weird thing about ending the show like this. I hope when I'm 55 and I've been out of a job for a long time and those girls are running the studios that they remember Lorelai Gilmore.

Were you surprised at how reluctant fans were to let Luke and Lorelai go when she went off and married Christopher this season? It's like when you go see some romantic comedy movie and you're like, "Well, obviously she shouldn't be with that guy." They make it too easy. You wouldn't believe how many questions I get about this. So I always argued for other [romantic complications] because I thought it made the story better. What I hoped - and this is not to take away from David Rosenthal, who I had a really nice year with - was that she would write the finale. I wish she had been more involved this year, because I was playing a piece of her that is so specifically her. Have you spoken to her since the announcement was made? ( Laughs) But I'm auditioning for things, and I'm going to try and do another movie soon. Graham: I would do another TV series, but not right away. If I had the best thing in front of me right now I don't know that I'd be able to be excited about it, 'cause I think [you have to make room] to let the other thing pass.

I just sort of wanted them to write Christopher in a way that made it a real love triangle. The Luke and Lorelai story is where the show started. But I always felt that it would cheat the fans to not have the [Luke and Lorelai] relationship be important in the whole of the show. Graham: We e-mailed and we're supposed to have a drink this week. No, you know, I'm promoting Evan Almighty, which comes out in June. So, yeah, I'd love to take a year and see what else I can do. Graham: Just that I've been truly thankful for their support and for their fanaticism ( Laughs) and their investment in these characters through all the ups and downs of a seven-year process.

Right now you have me working six to seven days an episode, and Alexis doing about the same.

To do anything less than that just wasn't going to be the same show.

The fast-approaching finale of Gilmore Girls is depressing on so many levels; I get a lump in my throat contemplating even a few of them. Lauren Graham - the closest thing Hollywood is ever likely to get to another Katharine Hepburn - may never again play a character as given to bantering at breakneck speed as Lorelai.

For that matter, she may never find verbal sparring partners as worthy as Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson.

Graham: Not in a formal way, but we certainly discussed what our hopes were. Most of our conversations were, "Can we imagine coming back." Is it true that Alexis was the harder sell? I did formally say at one point, "I'm not coming back." Then they thought, "Well, can we do it with just Alexis?


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