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In the videotaped deposition, Armstrong is at points evasive, impatient, and earnest as he declares his innocence of doping, even in the face of specific details given by members of his inner circle.Also, Mc Dermott interviews former Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, who describes, in vivid detail, his own introduction to performance-enhancing drugs, and using those drugs with Armstrong – at points even administering drugs provided by now-disgraced team doctors, only steps away from racing venues in nearby trailers and even in team hotel rooms.Lance had to give up his seven Tour de France medals and lost all…

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The testimony of former close friends, cycling teammates, reporters who have followed the sport for years, and those familiar with the science of doping and evading detection are all reflected with video of Armstrong’s own riveting 2005 videotaped deposition in which he denies using illegal substances and accuses the accusers.

The Tour de France raged from July 2 to July 25 that year, and I watched every minute.

Half the group was given injections of EPO for eight weeks, while the other half took a dummy substance.

The belief until now has been that EPO delivered increased oxygen to muscles, allowing more efficient performance and respiration in cyclists.

Even less is known about much of it than EPO.” Armstrong also admitted using human growth hormone, testosterone and cortisone during his seven straight Tour wins from 1999 to 2005.

The 45-year-old American was banned for life from all Olympic-sanctioned events in 2012, and all his results dating to 1998 were scrubbed from the record books.

“An important level of performance at this high intensity is the mental aspect,” said Adam Cohen, the first author of the report.

“Quite possibly all the stuff he was taking was useless.

Lance’s comeback story was nothing short of the greatest story in the history of American sport. It’s all quite dramatic: lies, conspiracy, fraud, cover-ups, messiah complex, power, addiction, power.


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