Korean women dating

Note: Korean guys reading this - don't confuse the message with the messenger. I also know that you think that most Western men look down on you (and all this adds to the resentment.) Then again I'm open to debate as to what you think is going on. Discover how to meet hot Korean women and make it happen. In any case - Korean women are gorgeous and going through the process to date one is worth it.

Know that it took me more than 5 years to figure out Korea's women (and I still have loads to learn!

) In any case benefit from what I've discovered and make your dating life with women from the Land of the Morning Calm easier.

Unlike most Western cultures - in Korea's culture it's borderline weird to talk to strangers (or "mollen saram" as you would say in Korea.) To talk to strangers means that you have no friends or family.

So if you strike a conversation with her (even to ask for directions) she might walk away.

This – ultimately – means they have a desire to please sexually, as well.

Find yourself in a great long term relationship with a Korean woman and you can bet that she’ll be all about making you feel great.

;-)But let's say you and her are going on a date in Korea. Heck one friend of mine told me that guys would straight up walk to her and tell her how ashamed she should be!

He was dating a flight attendant and this happened in the Seoul subway.

Chances are you've hit a wall and are not sure what the heck is going on. There are things that most expats don't know at first.


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  3. We’ve started a new series of date nights that we are SO excited about: A Year of Movie Night Dates!

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