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Kagay was dating Hayden at the time, but when they split up she gave Brad another chance.

But, she says Bad continually asked for her hand in marriage, a claim backed up by text messages allegedly from him. Brad continued to try to communicate with Laurel while taping the current season of The Bachelor, sending her a “Happy Birthday” email.

In one of the messages, dated July 16 of last year, Brad simply wrote, “Will u marry me? Of course the claims are being denied by Brad and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who issued a biting statement to saying Laurel “is a fame whore doing everything in her power to cling to Brad’s coattails.” Brad Womack confesses that he and Laurel Kagay were a couple but that the rest is a lie.

Stephen proposed to me on the beach with our families surrounding us. "I feel so loved and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

I think I'm most excited about having babies," she says.

Brad took two women to meet his family; his mom Shelley, his younger brother Wesley and his identical twin Chad. He forewarned them that she's a strong independent woman from Atlanta, Georgia.

Brad joked about having his future wife as an employee because she used to be a bartender when she was just college-aged. His mom talked to her about family values, relationship values and her feelings for him. De Anna felt awesome because Brad was just his old confident, playful self with his folks. De Anna revealed that they are kind, friendly, warm and put her at ease. But in the end, when De Anna really thought that they'll be in a monogamous relationship because she's the last one standing, he told her that he couldn't marry her.

I honestly believe we're supposed to be together." The 27-year-old dental office clerk and Phoenix Suns cheerleader said she's already back living with her ex-beau, whom she only referred to as Russell.

"I am in a happy relationship now and it couldn't be better," Croft told KZZP-FM. I came back [from filming ], and he poured his heart out and I poured my heart out and we want this to work with each other." "He's actually a really great guy," she told KZZP-FM.

The Bachelor 11 is the 11th season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The show features the winemaker from Austin, Texas, Stephen Bradley Womack, courting 25 women.


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