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The “James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s dad” rumor is like the posh British version of the “O. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s dad” that just won’t go away.

Hewitt, known as a bit of a lothario on the society polo circuit, has since been described as a knowledgeable and generous lover by a number of his other bed-partners.

As with Gilbey, Hewitt's chances of landing Diana on a long term deal were always doomed by the fact the Princess was simply not up to committing herself.

In 1973, she attended the West Heath Girls’ School in Sevenoaks, Kent, where her sisters were also studying at that time.

She never excelled in academics but her astounding community spirit didn’t go unnoticed and she was rewarded for the same at West Heath.

“It’s a gradual period and then, you know, suddenly you can’t get enough of each other or see each other as much as you want,” he said.

Diana would usually flee to his farm for secret meet-ups. “Just dinner and relaxing and laughing.”We will likely never get an official comment from Harry on this matter, but we like to think he sighed this morning, scrolling through his phone over waffles, and sent a screenshot of Hewitt’s interview to girlfriend Meghan Markle.

She then went to Silfield Private School in Gayton, Norfolk, to commence her formal education.

At the age of 9, she went to an all-girls boarding school, Riddlesworth Hall School, near Thetford.

Diana did, after all, say that she had "adored him" and that she "was in love with him." Friends attest to his charm and to the laconic sense of humour he shared with the Princess.

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