Jaden and alexis dating

But he didn't complain, he was just happy that he didn't have to ask her out.Alexis also asked "Jaden I would like you to wear something other than your armor if that is ok with you?

" Jaden agreed because this would be his first date and wants to make it special for the girl that he knew in his past.

Chazz overheard this and had a plan to duel Jaden to impress Alexis so she would date him.

Alexis and Jaden had waved good bye to Alexis' family as they board Seto's private jet looking like a blue eyes white dragon.

"Jay i wanna say thanks it has meant alot to me that you have met my family so thank you for coming babe i love you!

He was adopted by Seto Kaiba and was trained by him to be ruthless to anyone that would appose him.

Alexis surprised that Jaden was trained by the great Seto Kabia and she listened to the stories that he was told by Kabia.

The monster in general that are affected by Umi are Aqua, Sea-Serpent, Thunder, and Fish type monsters.

But it also affects Pyro and Machine type monsters.

Jaden then directed his attention to Crowler who happened to be picking on Syrus and Jaden got angry that he was bullying a Slifer kid. But may fields spells affect the duel field in different forms.

Crowler said "now can anyone tell me what a field spell does, how about you Syrus." Syrus was so nervous that he had been called on and said "I don't know." Crowler said "even a pre-duelist knows what a field spell is." Jaden stepped in and said "if a pre-duelist knows then why don't you tell us what it is Crowler." Crowler was now showing anger that someone was questioning his teaching and he said "what? Yuki but maybe you should tell us what a field spell does! For example, the field spell card Umi affects only certain types of monsters.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction What if Jaden was already the supreme king and Yubel was by his side helping him at the beginning of GX. But first he has to go to school and he wants to dominate the world of dueling but in order to do s... During class Alexis was Speaking about normal spell cards.

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