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He’s like ‘Okay that seems like the mature adult thing to do’.” Amy’s thoughts on the whole thing being turned into a storyline: “It became such a hot story and they said ‘They want to turn this into a story, but you guys have been professional, he hasn’t, there is money involved in this storyline, but it’s your call’.

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He has also appeared in many TV commercials, TV shows, charities, movies and more.

Matt’s latest gimmick ‘Broken Matt’ is making waves around the world, the wrestling fans in particular.

His wrestling style, entertainment and gimmicks have attracted a million of fans.

Matt has won many world tag team championships in wrestling along with Jeff.

OMEGA also included Lita (Amy Dumas), 'Shannon Moore(II)', 'Gregory Helms' and Joey Mercury (Adam Birch).

Now, Matt along with his brother Jeff now their own Myspace, along with other wrestlers such as Helms, Ashley Massaro and Mercury.

He is currently signed to the famous World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Matt, along with his brother Jeff Hardy, is popularly known as Hardy Boyz or Hardys.

Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the WWF(E) Tag Team Titles.

However, the Hardyz ditched Hayes after losing the titles to Ganrel's ('David Heath') tag team, The New Brood, who were Edge ('Adam Copeland') and Christian (Jay Reso).

” When Amy and Edge began bonding: “I know both of us were kind of like, ‘Oh sh*t’ you know once we started to-to realize we were more than just two bros just hanging out.


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