Is chemistry com a good dating site

Their study compared and measured dating sites by analyzing their features, costs, services, and matchmaking platforms.

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One unfortunate part of online dating is people do lie in both text and photo form.

Do yourself a favor and make sure all of your information and photos are honest and truthful.

If you do hit this site try to focus on profiles with at least 3 updated photos and those who at least attempted to fill out some of their profile.

That’s because when it comes to online dating profiles, less is NOT more.

This site actually required you to upload at least one photo within 72-hours of joining.

I think this is a wonderful requirement, in fact I wish all sites required at least 3 photos and at least one of them was date stamped in some way so there was no way to show old photos and pass them off as new.

Amie’s Take: I have never used, but I can tell you that when it comes to finding love, I am always a little skeptical of the term “Chemistry.” Long-term relationships are built on core values (aka Non-negotiables – (to learn more about those, click here).

The idea that a website can find your love based on chemistry seems odd to me, but using games and activities to help understand what types of people might go best together seems like a fun and unique way to attract a partner.

Although I don’t believe there’s a magic bullet answer to this question, there are ways for you to hedge your bets and locate the best site for you.


  1. Silver Singles calculates the percentage of compatibility of every member who signs up on their dating website and puts them on the search results of members who are a perfect match.

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