Intimidating saurus rex traditional gender role dating

Bulls left their usually solitary lives during breeding season.

Other packs might try to attack a lone Venatosaurus protecting its pack’s eggs, only to be grossly overwhelmed when the Venatosaurus' alarm calls brought the rest of its pack in a voracious attack. Being fiercely territorial, V-Rexes were known to mark their territory with urine and by roaring in the mornings.

Adult male Vastatosaurus preferred the most open spaces available, while adult females preferred to operate on the edge of thick forests to provide cover for nests.

Females laid their eggs in collected leaf litter in hidden areas of the jungle, and returned to urinate on the eggs periodically. Infant V-Rexes hatched ready to take care of themselves and began to stalk centipedes and lizards in the island's undergrowth.

As they grew, the young V-Rexes began forming small herds with individuals of a similar age for protection.

At that point they moved into more spacious forests and lowlands.

Young V-Rexes bore striped camouflage, and remained this way until maturity, as until that point they were small enough to be prey to other species, however it also proved to be a useful feature to hide them as they hunted.It was about making it the most terrifying thing that Kong could fight.We worked on making the eyes scary and making it nasty and smelly—which is a recurring theme in the movie!The packs of juvenile V-Rexes would often attempt to bully other species away from kills, including the highly intelligent and coordinated Venatosaurus.Because the young V-Rexes had not yet learned to size up opponents, some of their number would sustain injuries or be killed in these contests.Its coloration is a dark blue that can be mistaken for whitish gray in certain lighting conditions with a yellowish underbelly while its eyes are orange with small black circular pupils.


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