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That aside, their size and power make them one of the better intruder-deterrents that you could have for your home.

Just be sure to not work them too hard in warm climates.

German Shepherds are very loyal, and don’t go through a rebellious streak like some of the other dogs on this list.

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They’re loyal, intelligent, and alert, and thus are fairly easy to train.

They’re also very good with children, so aside from being one of the best protection dogs, they make a great family pet as well.

If a dog is fit enough to take on a lion, you can be sure that they’re one of the top guard dogs that won’t be afraid to take on a human intruder.

With its common nickname, the “Swissy”, you may think that this dog is just a big old lovable cuddler, and in a family environment, you would be right.

A Great Dane may look scary, especially at their staggeringly tall height, but these top guard dogs are actually known for being gentle giants.

Great Danes are fantastic with family and children and are highly unlikely to mistake a friend of the family for a potentially dangerous intruder.

They’re a very popular breed within the United States and are still used to this day in Bulgaria.

The term “giant” is definitely suitable since they are about the same size as a miniature pony, which is large enough for a child to ride upon.

This usually isn’t an issue if you are experienced with training dogs, and are comfortable with being firm, but fair, in disciplining them.


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