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Consider the hack of the extramarital affair website, Ashley Madison, for example.

While not all information shared on mainstream dating sites may be sensitive, some leaks can be devastating, exposing users to shaming or even blackmail.

You can learn more about states with online dating laws related to privacy and safety in this piece from Date

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Arguably one of the most popular (or notorious) dating apps in recent years, Tinder provides rapid-fire matching, meeting and hookups.

According to the article, Swipebuster charges “$4.99 (£3.50) to let someone see whether the target is using Tinder, and can narrow down results by first name, age, gender and location.” While this may sound like a nefarious hacking app, the surprising truth is Swipebuster uses Tinder’s official API, the application programming interface used to communicate to third-party developers.

You must must MUST have a high quality photo of you looking your best! But the other person scanning through the many other potential matches of the day doesn’t know anything about you EXCEPT your appearance. And if they approve that, only THEN will they actually send you a message.

This is why YOUR picture is hands down the most important thing about your online dating profile. …giving a “where’s waldo” effect because there’s too many people? Yeah, we get that you think you were hot at one time, but anything past 4 years ago is not recent enough.…a car selfie? Once a potential match approves your photo, the next thing they’ll do is read your profile.

The best we can do is engage our common sense and take steps to move deliberately and considerately. Challenge your assumptions about online dating privacy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s article “Six Heartbreaking Truths about Online Dating Privacy” might open your eyes to how long information about you is stored, potential security holes, what gets indexed publicly by Google, and how photos may be used to identify you. Large companies such as have a vested interest in maintaining the quality of their service, and often publish safety tips. Oversharing is no guarantee your profile will be more effective. But there’s no reason to make the search for your soulmate more fraught than it needs to be. Just do your best to protect your privacy along the way.

And if it’s not a good one - you know you SWIPE LEFT almost every single time, right? " Can you guess what the SECOND most important thing about your online dating profile is? You know what it’s like to come across a profile that has you yawning or has horrible grammar or doesn’t give you anything to bounce off for a first message. Most people can’t get away with a decent photo only.

So show up at the top of the page when your soulmate logs in today and click below! The people who have the MOST success with online dating are the ones who put GENUINE CARE into writing their profile.

Just because a service deals in intimate details does not mean 100% of those details remain hidden from public view.


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