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The standards may be modified in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act as appropriate to protect consumers from transmission of contagious diseases through cross-contamination of instruments and supplies.

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As used in this chapter: (1) "Department" means the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

(2) "Tattoo facility" means any room, space, location, area, structure, or business, or any part of any of these places, where tattooing is practiced or where the business of tattooing is conducted.

(B) The use of gauze, alum, styptic pencils, or medical supplies considered necessary to control bleeding is prohibited unless a separate disposable single-use sterile item is used on each client.

(C) The tattoo artist must not use stencils to transfer designs to skin or containers of ink or dye unless separate, disposable single-use stencils or containers are used on each recipient.

Regloving with single-use sterile disposable surgical gloves must occur prior to initiation of the procedure, which is to be performed using strict sterile surgical techniques.

Any nonsterile contact or contamination of the instruments or field must immediately result in cessation of the procedure and nonuse of all equipment until resterilized; (7) scrub the skin of the client in a sterile surgical manner with a liquid germicidal solution approved by the department and used in accordance with the manufacturer's direction; and (8) dispose of single-use needles and other disposable sharp supplies in safety puncture-proof containers as approved by the department; these used containers must be disposed of in a manner prescribed by the department.The department shall determine which newspapers meet the requirements of this section based on available circulation figures and the proposed location of the business.However, if a newspaper is published in the county and historically has been the newspaper where the advertisements are published, the advertisements published in that newspaper meet the requirements of this subsection. This informed consent or release form must be signed by the prospective client and must contain, at a minimum, aftercare suggestions for the specific tattoo site; (2) the tattoo facility license issued by the department. (A) It is unlawful for a person to perform or offer to perform tattooing upon a person under the age of eighteen years.(C) A tattoo artist must verify by means of a picture identification that a recipient is at least eighteen years of age. (B) The minor upon whom tattooing is performed, or the parent or legal guardian of that minor, or any other minor is not liable for punishment pursuant to this section.The department must provide the necessary resources to support the development of these standards.

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