I dating a republican

Nonetheless, I figured nothing more would come of it, so I left, she walked me to the exit and we kissed one more time. Should I write her tomorrow and ask if I could see her.

She then continued to giggle, sigh, she began saying that she's tired, but then she was also doing these playful things, like hiding behind a pillow and peeking out at me while giggling. So I felt more confident and we made out some more, but again when I tried to move onto the next level she gently stopped me.

I sat there for a while, trying to figure out what she wanted, she was clearly shy or nervous, and she began vaping on top of that, which I didn't mind.

Then, she went on by trying to justify her homophobia (or convince me of it) by saying "of course I think this, I also am racist because I am smart".

Isn't that a great line of reasoning (btw, she actually is smart as she is a Ph D student just like me).

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Me (24M, Belgian) had Tinder date a couple of days ago. We walked around town and sat at a pub for 8 hours straight and it literally was like the best date ever.It is the first time I had such an awesome date, also as I don't have that much dates as I am not the most social person.Now, I don't think I will date for a while as I feel the universe is playing tricks on me...was I ever wrong.It’s like my mind rejects them before I even have a chance to really get to know them. Am I just blinded to the whole “ love at first sight “ idea?Am I just trying to compare those same feelings I instantly had with my ex?The last time I connect with someone I really like was over a year and a half ago, and that just ended in heartbreak.

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