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If you are experiencing any issues with your Honda navigation system, knowing who to contact for reliable information can quicken the process for getting it fixed.

Verified Experts are available to assist car owners regarding the Honda navigation system.

A faulty navigation DVD control unit could cause the issue described that might need replaced to get fixed.

Normally, these parts are available in many auto parts stores as well as online.

This will cause the capacitors to discharge, allowing the control unit memory to clear out.

Finally, re-install these cables in the reverse order to cure the issue.

Contacting a Honda dealer is the best recourse in a repair like this.

The best possible option would be to perform a reset to fix this problem.Keeping your navigation system up to date helps you save time, while providing added convenience and peace of mind.Get the most of your navigation system: updating the map may help optimize routing, as well as estimating your time of arrival.At Valley Honda, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make your driving experience in your Honda as enjoyable as possible.One aspect of that is making sure you have access to the most recent navigation update for your vehicle so that you can save time, increase convenience, and get the most your navigation system.If the antenna turns out to be good, it could point to an internal defect in the navigation unit in which case, replacing the unit would be highly recommended.


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