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And we wanted to make our herpes dating community not only a stronger, more open environment in which to meet thousands of available singles just like us; we wanted to make it convenient for everyone to access, manage and enjoy as well!

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However, things don’t always go as planned and you might end up with a few regrets.

However, those regrets need not define the rest of your life and relationship choices.

However, determining your estimate using this method may not give you the actual picture of the rates.

A report from the chief medical officer of health in Alberta, James Talbot, shows that as at 2011 the rate of infectious syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia was still exceeding the normal average.

Let’s face our facts - Living with the all-too-common herpes virus (HSV-1/HSV-2) can be difficult for anyone. That's why we here at Stoodin created this herpes dating site for all health-conscious adult singles who may need just a little bit of judgment-free help when it comes to hooking up with other herpes singles that are ready to mingle!

And dating, especially with any additional stigma as a result of this chronic condition, can be even more stressful as we strive to grow and enjoy the healthy, happy adult lives of our hopes and dreams. The online dating world is a challenge for everyone but we felt that every member of our particularly health-conscious community deserved a fresh network of open, caring, loving and safety-oriented singles that understand our particular health issues and our unique concerns. Encouters - We show you profiles and you tell us if you're interested. The more you review the more others will do the same for you.Join us for free and connect with hundreds of thousands of Canadian herpes and STD singles now!A study suggests that more than 90% of those people infected were unaware of their status.Talking about the STI rate in Canada, it was said that Banff has the highest STD rate in Canada.Because people with herpes often have no symptoms, there is great possibly of people getting infected in Canada’s most prosperous province.

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