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The capital, Libreville, is on the west coast in the north.It is in Fang territory, though it was not chosen for this reason.There are nine provinces named after the rivers that separate them. There is also a large population of Africans from other countries who have come to Gabon to find work. The national language is French, which is mandatory in school.

The Fang, for example, inhabit northern Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, southern Cameroon, and the western part of the Republic of Congo.

The cultures of the ethnic groups are akin to other groups in Central Africa, and center around the rain forest and its treasures.

The different ethnic groups were separated from one another by the dense forest and remained intact.

Europeans began to arrive at the end of the fifteenth century.

Green symbolizes the forest, yellow the equatorial sun, and blue the water from the sky and sea.

The forest and its animals are greatly valued as well, and are portrayed on the Gabonese currency. Tools from the Old Stone Age indicate early life in Gabon, but little is known of its people.

Gabon is a French equatorial country, home to over forty ethnic groups.

The largest group is the Fang, forming 40 percent of the population.

Other major groups are the Teke, the Eshira, and the Pounou.


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