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Here are some of the Essential Questions: What do I use to make predictions before I read a story? What is/are a pre-reading strategy(ies) that can help you to find answers about the story more quickly?

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The index lists every topic from A-Z, from practice and models for “abbreviations” to the topic of “zero articles’. 7th grade classes may go a couple times to find current events.

This website is sponsored by Capital Community College Foundation and is free. 8th grade students might go to take Accelerated Reader tests that are separate from those required by their English teachers.

Stories read: “Miep Geis, A Dangerous Secret” – WWII Story “The Loneliest Season” – Jackie Robinson Story “The Peaceful Way” – Ghandi WHAT IS HAPPENING IN 8TH GRADE? We will also study tips and strategies to become a better reader.

Some of the discussions are why prediction is important to learning how to activate background knowledge. NO JUMPING ON THE FURNITURE, SLAMMING LAPTOPS OR ABUSING SUPPLIES. This includes not leaving behind a mess or sticky gum if you choose to eat or chew in class. Use your P-I-E chart to calculate your participation points based on how well you follow these rules when you are in English Skills “LAST” class.

These books we read in class may also count as an AR assignment for their ELA team teacher as well. UPDATED August, 2019 7th Grade Essential Concepts: We will roll around with this idea of what makes a hero.

We will start with an article about a baseball legend, Jackie Robinson and will be learning about Gandhi soon.

What makes a cliffhanger and how prediction and cliffhanger relate. (to name a few) Pieces read: “The Strange Case of the Fairy Photos” “When Mars Attacks” “All about the Moon” “Devil’s Tower” ” A Whale of an Ocean” “Mountain Journey” “Climbing Blindly” “The Dinner Party” “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” “Gift of the Magi” – Be in your classroom on time. – Stay on task while meeting student handbook expectations. Students talk when a classmate, teacher, video or guest is NOT! Signatures anywhere on the chart may lead to consequences beyond grade deduction.

How do these strategies make us stronger at studying anything, not just what we read? A signature in a dated “P” box on the chart, for example, means on that day you were not punctual or prepared.

UPDATED August 21, 2019 Could writing be made interesting? As part of this year, I plan to do the following activity: “Scribble in the Middle”, otherwise known as SIMS.


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