Friendship dating and courtship

Such neighbourhood has no time to discuss the subject of their interest. Another strong factor that brings people together is religion.

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These terms may have variation in meaning to certain socio-cultural environment.

But this is construed to suit the Nigerian socio-cultural environment.

It could be between people who are related like couples, brothers, sisters, or people who aren’t related in anyway.

This involves any form of relationship devoid of romance.

In relationship, dating is technically used to mean a fixed time for meeting (usually for opposite sexes), with the intention of discussing love affairs and how the journey of their love story may begin.

Here, the young man makes his intention known to the young lady (though in cases, especially the Western World, the young lady can open up to the young man).

By socio-cultural(society and culture), I mean, the society; their view and perception of things; the practices and the level of acceptability of such practices.

The approach that is used in explicating this subject matter is the classification approach.

On a normal ground, this stage ought not to involve any form of sexual activities.


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  7. Dress according to the situation – no sleeveless shirts in a martini bar, for instance, and don’t overdo it with cologne. When going on a date, dress the way you like yourself.

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