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Although infidelity and adultery may be considered matters of public concern, nothing in Graffs motion suggests that private conduct by Vaatete and Lee similarly captures the publics interest.Nor does Vaatetes ownership of a business open to the public, for that reason alone, place her in the public eye where her conduct directly affects individuals other than Graff or Lee.

Plaintiff admitted to a multi-year sexual relationship with Lee where she would visit him in his room at the school for sexual liaisons, that the two were not married to each other but instead were married to others, that she fit the traditional definition of concubine, and received free marital arts lessons for herself and her children from Lee and that she provided him with drugs on several occasions, delivering it to him at the school. Graff swore that my romantic relationship with my ex-husband had ended before I began a romantic relationship with Mr.

Lee, I never cheated on my husband; Lee insisted that I began a romantic relationship with Zeta Graff after I ended my romantic relationship with Ms.

In any other home, the door would lead into a standard living room, but in Graff's house, visitors enter onto a soft-spring floor, the texture of which is somewhere between memory foam and that of a gymnastics studio.

There's a climbing wall on the left, and cylinders, hooked into carabineers, hanging from the 15-foot ceiling.

Additionally, there is no basis to conclude that by admitting that she was a concubine that Plaintiff also admitted the other terms leveled against her, including hooker and call girl.

For that reason, it cannot be said that the veracity of all the terms used against her were admitted by Plaintiff.

As the trial court aptly observed, the laws of defamation...would be undermined if accusations of cheating were always protected speech simply because the public might have a broader interest in the issue of cheating and adultery.

Kendig found that even if the statements were a matter of public concern, satisfying the first prong of the anti-SLAPP statute, Plaintiff has adequately shown a probability of prevailing on the claims, the second prong.

Graff, who was born in Greece, has acquired the description in the press as a diamond heiress though the term heiress connotes acquisition of assets as the result of a death.

Her former husband, Franois Graff, whom she divorced in Great Britain in 2003 on the ground of infidelity, is still alive.

In the middle of the room stands a pillar with a vertical-jump pegboard; mirrors line the right wall, and in the back is a squat rack that doubles as a ladder up to a loft.


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