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You only need to do that once, at the start of your processing, and then store the resulting handle (which you call connstr) where it can be used by subsequent calls to SQLEXEC(). I say "probably" because the syntax varies from one back-end database to another, and you didn't tell us which database you are using.

But in most cases, you would just say: is VFP-specific, and probably not supported by your target database.

I simply want to put the foxpro data into the sql table as easily as possible.

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As long as those remote cursors are set updatable and a mapping has been done of keyfields and updatable fields, then TABLEUPDATE() does update the remote SQL Database. It would have avoided the misunderstanding, and helped us give you a better response.

You need to switch to parameterized remote views, you can stay with your VFP data manipulation processes. I read this as you are already using an SQL Server backend and you are using TABLEUPDATE() to update to(wards) the SQL Server. I have data in foxpro, sql server is my backend database, and I'm trying to update sql server with the new data stored in foxpro. Since I really did not want to follow Mike's suggestion (due to the number of columns), I put a where clause in my remote data view that kept me under the 2gb limit and I can now update with the tried and true tableupdate() command. Mike __________________________________Mike Lewis (Edinburgh, Scotland)Visual Fox Pro articles, tips, training, consultancy Hello Greg,good you got it working.

Basically, your first INSERT syntax is close to what you want. Depending on your back-end, there might be a more efficient way of doing it (such as a Bulk Insert in SQL Server), but you should at least get the basics of it right before we approach that.

The main problem is that you've got to lose the quotes, as I already mentioned, plus you need to pass all the values individually, using multiple parameters. Mike __________________________________ Mike Lewis (Edinburgh, Scotland) Visual Fox Pro articles, tips and downloads Mike, thanks so much for your help.

However, I am running up against the 2gb limit and from a prior post it was suggested to use sqlexec() instead of table update.

Unfortunately, I have not found anything right on point and being new to this I was hoping for some input The structure of the sql table and foxpro table are the same.

You can still use cursors instead of tables and reuse all the code you have to navigate to data, but you also only retrieve the portion of the data needed.

The very general approach to use VFP with an SQL Server backend is to load data as needed into updatable remote cursors, whatever this is - remote view cursors, sql passthrough generated cursors or cursoradapter generated cursors. But, you know, I wish you had mentioned at the outset that you were using a remote view, instead of talking about SQLEXEC().

The command is the second parameter (the INSERT command in your example).

However, the command in question has to be one that is recognised by the back-end database.

It is a connection handle, which you obtain by calling SLQCONNECT().


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