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'Society That Forces Dating' will premiere on August 21 at 6 pm KST on Olleh TV's mobile app and will have five episodes.The web drama will also be available on On Style's Facebook page and Youtube on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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A 31-second teaser of the web series was released on August 13.

It shows Han Sa-rang, who is happily living with her pet cat, frustrated by society's demand that she start dating and finding love.

She further adds, "He is a nice guy and he likes me." Senghyuk is played by actor Kim Young-jae.

It is interesting to note that the teaser began with a confident and defiant Han Sa-rang and ends with a confused and rather timid Han Sa-rang. It might be hoped that 'Society That Forces Dating' does not eventually become a typical romantic drama but is more analytical in its exploration of societal pressures on individuals to "settle down" or conform to societal norms and expectations.

A Fist Fighter pushes them away and declares that this weapon of Emperor Awesome will not only conquer the galaxy, but also her heart, showing Hater and Peepers that they were both right.

However the weapon was uncovered revealing to be just Emperor Awesome striking a pose while trying to impress her, leaving Dominator in disbelief.

With their spy out of commission, the two decide to infiltrate the ship themselves to see this secret weapon.

On board Dominator's ship, a troop of Fist Fighters are marching on patrol and trailing behind them are Peepers and Hater disguised as a large Fist Fighter.

Peepers believed that Awesome plan to rule the galaxy together while Hater assumes that they're dating.


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