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The Same logic works in the Chart Month named range formula as well.

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You may also wish to use formatting functions like bold or italic to make your budget spreadsheet clearer and more attractive.

When you create a chart in Excel and the source data changes, you need to update the chart’s data source to make sure it reflects the new data.

Step 2: The spreadsheet needs to have information put in it, to calculate the figures for your budget.

For a simple budget, we need to put in figures for ‘income’ and ‘expenditure’ (outgoings).

Below is an example of a chart that uses a dynamic chart range.

Note that the chart updates with the new data points for May and June as soon as the data in entered. Using Excel Table is the best way to create dynamic ranges as it updates automatically when a new data point is added to it.In case you work with charts that are frequently updated, it’s better to create a dynamic chart range.A dynamic chart range is a data range that updates automatically when you change the data source.Step 11: Now you need to do a total for outgoings, repeat the steps above under your 'Expenditure' section.Step 12: You may also want to know the difference between your income and your outgoings.Step 6: Once you have these headings in your spreadsheet, you can start to put in the calculations so that when you put in figures at a later date, Excel will calculate any totals automatically.


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