Eve aura not updating

Riding high on the celebration of Eve’s 15th anniversary, CCP Games’ commitment to “the second decade” is bringing forth sweeping changes to the game we know and love.

Anyone who knows me would know that I am fitness junkie.

I stepped into a gym at the age of 16 and have never looked back.

Now with the new update, every weapon and module will have its own dedicated group of sounds with which to use while being activated/fired.

CCP will also make sure that Wormhole space will have its own suite of sounds and music that is “better in every way possible” to Null-security.

Of course we'll invite everyone else to watch what happens because it wouldn't be a Fanfest without a live stream.

New Eden needs you to fight back against the Triglavians, so log in every day between 23 - 26 August and claim your free Skill Point rewards!

Get up to 75,000 Skill Points as an Alpha, and up to 250,000 Skill Points as an Omega.

Advance your combat capabilities, get better ships, weaponry, and defend New Eden!

Another episode of EVE Pulse is here with all the latest from the world of EVE Online.


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