Error message error validating application type oauthexception xcode iphone icon not updating

facebook can fail to return an access token to your application whenever one of the parameters in the request is incorrect.during development of my oauth framework i tested setting each required parameter to an incorrect value (ie i appended the string to the values then the access token is returned correctly in each case.

these responses are as of december 2012, but of course facebook may decide to change them at any point in the future without warning.

I am using java and the purpose of my demo application is simple: Update user status. I got the auth dialog, facebook lead to the callback url and I got the code in my callback page. I recently dealt with exactly this problem: everything matched, but it failed with the OAuth Exception. I had the same problem and tried the above suggestions.

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I'm not sure, but you might also check to make sure your "Site URL" and "Site Domain" settings are correct on the App Edit screen, because according to the documentation, the redirect_uri must be in the same domain.

(This is different from the canvas/tab page urls.) Thank you for your interest in this question.

I have not tried defining the App / Web Url for HTTPS and doing the request with HTTP but I suspect it would also hiccup somehow. It was a URL difference, but unlike the others that have posted, mine was the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

Or as in our case, the Request Method might be incorrect - GET with Headers or POSTing both throw the 2500, you have to do GET with a Querystring. We have Big IP handling HTTPS requests and forwarding over to an HTTP Apache server.

When Base Facebook's get Current Url() function was called, it detected HTTP, and not the original HTTPS.

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