Error creating updating the odbc dsn

CONNECT uses this API to access data contained in other DBMS without having to implement a specific application for each one.An exception is the access to My SQL that should be done using the MYSQL table type. It is required if the source table name is different from the name of the CONNECT table.This option can be set to the following values: In the case of an order by query, Maria DB firstly retrieves the sequentially the result set and the position of each records.

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There are several ways to enable random (position) access to a CONNECT ODBC table.

They are dependant on the following table options: When dealing with small tables, the simpler way to enable random access is to specify a rowset size equal or larger than the table size (or the result set size if a push down where clause is used).

It places the FULL_NAME last column of the original table in second position.

The type of the HIRE_DATE column was changed from In CONNECT version 1.03 (until Maria DB 10.1.5) ODBC tables are not indexable.

Microsoft Access uses an ODBC driver to interact with an external data source.

ODBC is a data access technology, the Microsoft implementation of which is included with Windows.

To create this article, we tested Microsoft Access 2003, Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010 and Microsoft Access 2013 with Easysoft's ODBC drivers.

The components necessary to connect Microsoft Access to are: Microsoft Access Before you can use the Easysoft ODBC Driver to connect Microsoft Access to or Mongo DB, you need to configure a System ODBC data source.

With CONNECT version 1.04 (from Maria DB 10.1.6), another way to provide random access is to specify some columns to be indexed.

This should be done only when the corresponding column of the source table is also indexed.

The Salesforce ODBC driver now includes two ODBC drivers one which supports SQL and one which supports SOQL.

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