Dreamweaver 8 updating site cache

Its been awhile since I have updated thesite using DW and just noticed when I tried to do a global change it does not seem to beupdating in DW. WHat is happening is: After I added several links to the dwt and after I did a Save All, it didnt ask to update all the other pages.I am updating the section on the left under Our Services. Noticed after adding them and doing a Save, it did not update the other pages ofthe site. There is alwaysa dialog box that opens that asks if you want to update all pages.

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It may not meet the criteria that some developers demanded however, Dreamweaver undeniably provides a decent range of development, collaborating and coding tools.

These options and tools are hidden under layers of regrettable less intuitive menus, which is why we are providing tutorials in today’s post.

We will show you some of the most powerful functions of Dreamweaver to assist your access them quickly, along with many other helpful tricks that will lubricate you development time and improve your code quality significantly. We already know that DW offers a static view of our open files, but what about pane with a live, pixel-perfect Web Kit rendering of your page; complete with live Javascript, DOM manipulations, database queries, server-side code, and rendered CSS, rather than the placeholder icons you see in Due to the dynamic nature of Ajax, many times we need to interact with a page where certain items are not rendered or available on first page load.

These are items that are injected into the page some time after page load.

Could it be that I have the files in the wrong Directory?? The progress bar shows all pages being updated and completed.

However, when opening the other pages, no changes have occurred.I ended up moving the file to my root folder and did something else to get it working but I can't remember what it was.I purchased a new domain name so I uploaded the template to a new server and am having the problem all over again.When I make a change to main.dwt, I get the prompt box, stating "There are 15 files attched to Templates/ " After clikcing "Yes" I receive a message (0 of 15) files updated.(So it is detecting the attached pages but is not updating them for some reason). The was not updating the attached pages when it was in the Templates folder.Use the Apply Source Formatting feature and reformat it exactly to your preferences.


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