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Christian Carter is the one who’ll tell you what guys really want.Rori Raye will show you how even she, who made every mistake in the book, found love.

If you’re a woman and you’re on the internet, you’ve seen these text ads.

Next to your gmail inbox, following you around on those “Elsewhere on the Web” faux news links.

Customers are buying a shame-based product, one that shames them for their shortcomings, and then brings on a shame hangover for having fallen for the pitch.

Organized protest would be like an uprising of the penis-enhancement market; no one wants to self-identify.

It is almost impossible to remember what he actually says.

He speaks in the hypnotic,mind-numbing parlance of NLP and empty buzzwords of self-empowerment popularized by Landmark Forum and Tony Robbins.Install adblocker, clear your cookies, it doesn’t matter; they’ll be back.The ads point to the Catch Him and Keep Him website.That this game of keep-away should be so homologous to what it aims to cure is entirely intentional.The free newsletter pumps out emails promising secrets that never are revealed, and won’t be, whether you buy anything or not. The live seminar DVD material takes the same teasing format, with extremely short tracks that mainly lead up to rhetorical questions that, it is hinted, are sure to be answered on the next track, or perhaps in the next set of DVDs.David De Angelo will eradicate your inner wuss and develop your inner game.

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