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While the show lasted, Matt made other appearances, including those in such productions as “The Indian” (2007) as Danny, next to Sal Landi and Jane Higginson, and in the horror “Babysiter Wanted” (2008) as Rick, with Tina Houtz, Sarah Thompson and Nana Visitor as leads.

Or is there a more spiritual element attached to both characters in that is Kyle a truly pure soul and Jessi a dark one? But deep inside lies a vulnerable girl like any human who just wanted to be loved unconditionally. An army of handsome, healing, responsible, kind heroes sounds great, but we're just wondering if there was some other, darker motivation.

That's a question that we would have continued to explore throughout the life of the series watching poor Jessi as she struggled to be as good as Kyle But in no way was Jessi ever designed to be bad from birth. As we saw throughout the series with characters like Brian Taylor, Professor Kern and Ballantine, certain individuals' agendas can corrupt the common goal of an institution.

But on top of normal learning about family life, she's exactly his opposite, less delicate then a stampede, wrecking all kids' privacy and actively ratting.

Amanda is having trouble rehearsing her vital college scholarship recital, and blames that on Jessi being constantly around Kyle.

In 2013 he had the lead role in the sci-fi film “Life Tracker”, with Rebecca Marshall and Barry Finnegan.

He then shared the screen with Billy Zane and Lace Chabert in the horror “Ghost of Goodnight Lane” (2014), and in 2015 played Jack in the TV series “Anne & Jake”.

The same year, he portrayed Seth in the romantic comedy “Beaty & the Briefcase”, starring Hilary Duff, Chris Carmack and Michael Mc Millian.

Two years later he starred in the fantasy film “Naughty or Nice”, portraying Lance Leigh, next to Hilarie Burton and Danneel Ackles.

Though Kyle successfully destroyed the formula, it's still filed away in his head as a result of the information he uploaded from Zyzzx while he was still in the pod.


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