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Mom don’t want me to swear but I swear these swears will make you rich. Put my kids on her face, that’s a play date Verse 2: Even momma know that.

Barrel of the gun, let the circle sing, it remind me of kumbaya my lord.

You popped up at the perfect time of my whole existence.

I’m ‘bout to show you what this whole entire world’s fucking missing.

Bitch get off my sack Hook (x2): God on speed dial, devil on rebound, take a little seat now You getting kicked out the house if your ask me to freestyle Token in the building and you lucky if I let you in the treehouse God on speed dial, devil on rebound, take a little seat now Verse 3: Ay, hotel to the show, show to the lobby And it all started from a hobby Work for myself, I don’t got a colleague It’s Woodstock when I stack my bands Young bandwagon they pounce on me Cash register when they count on me Baby look at all the people surrounded me Pay them just to look out for me Maybe double your salary I’m on top of the balcony How you look down on me?

Hoodie cost me about a g Money on my head, that is not a bounty Baby what’s a consequence? I decide those, I’m the fucking referee Airplane mode, can’t get to me Check my phone, who’s texting me?

I deserve all of the pussy in the world even my mom would agree.

Instead I pull up to the crib, only to give my mom some cash, tell her that - Bridge: I’m coming home once a month, that’s the payday.

Shut the door behind you, don’t say a word, let your hair down, I’ll be back in a minute.

Old and new friends, same with managers and agents, all these brand new girls and shady groupies - I ain’t satisfied with how these people treat me; I don’t want no handshake, salute me, yeah.

Verse 1: A couple days ago, I sat down in the kitchen with her, and she told me that she hate the way she look. Because I think about you all day, I don’t focus, and I feel my stomach turn. When I see a tear on your face, it’s only thing I can think about. I don’t hate on those who hate on me but secretly just hate themselves some undercover shit. But I ain’t changing for anyone, I’m adapted to my environment, homie come and look at this.


  1. She’ll probably want to take the beginning stages of your relationship slowly until she’s sure that you’re committed to her and not just looking for a quick fling.

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  3. But they don’t display until going through many other sexy models.

  4. Catch the girls in their most candid moments in the bedrooms, by the pool, and even in the shower...

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