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"It's been a very interesting evening, but I think I might skadoodle, if that's cool." My. Meanwhile, there was a perfectly hatable villain right in front of you the whole least in episode 2.

Well, Netflix's new series hashtag, it seemed like the most hated contestant was clearly Sarah.

She'd fondle him/spank him with props around the set." In comparison, she makes Hannah B look like a friggin' angel.

1 revealed some of her favorite things and personality traits, like that she is an early riser and a realist.

Instead of taking part in the Porsche Grand Tennis Prix this week, Sharapova has been dealing with a shoulder injury that required surgery.

WTF.— Jacques 纪俊仁 ⚡ (@jacjimeno) February 14, 2019Watching @netflix's Dating Around.

The protractor is an instrument used for measuring angles.

And there it is, another slack message asking for portfolio feedback. The real question to solve is how to get the right information to the hiring manager without redesigning the content for each application.

As designers set out to showcase their work they tend to receive contradicting feedback that sends them into a portfolio death spin. To do this, we need to understand better what I call the Portfolio Ecosystem.

Before I get into the tweets, here's a bit of background.

Sarah (25), who recently moved to New York City, goes on five blind dates. They vibed well together She didn't pick him cos he didn't wanna hear her 9mins mythology joke?????

Show off your design chops in a medium more appropriate. As you worked on projects, you already created links to your Adobe XD or Invision prototypes so show them off.


  1. For example, if you’re going to meet for dinner, you can text the exact time and location as well as any other pertinent information so as to avoid a miscommunication about your upcoming plans. Along these lines, a major texting “do” is to send a text that lets this person know that you’re truly anticipating your time together.

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