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If you happen to find yourself in a civilized country where women are respected not just for being women but the fact that they raise children better, your children, not foster children, then you will know divorce settlement is not nonsense.

Its in Nigeria that a man will misbehave, get away with it and abandon the children and their mother to hibernate and start another family elsewhere without looking back.

And also prohibited are the wives of your sons who are from your own loins, and that you take in marriage two sisters simultaneously, except for what has already occurred unknowingly. And also prohibited to you are all married women except those your right hand possess. And lawful to you are all others beyond these, provided that you seek their hand in marriage with gifts from your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse.

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aid=199956&id=665441343&l=4ffc124842toba, I know you have never seen nor read a Quran before but you uphold what you hear people say.

Lets be careful in our utterances because we shall all be held accountable for our sayings and our deeds in the final analysis with the Most Gracious God.

The Bible enjoins you to seek the truth and not spread blasphemy on the land.

Take kia I really don't know what the source of the UK documentary comes from but my Quran which is d most authentic of all sources says in Chapter 4 verses 22 - 24"And do not marry those women whom your fathers married, except what has already occurred.Later, the likes of you will come out and say 'area boys' are disturbing you.You forgot that such boys have parents somewhere who chose not to be part of their lives. Instead of worrying your head about divorce settlement, why not desire and pray for a happy marriage and family. You need to read this you been hoping and working hard for that vacant position in your office and for some reason(s) you don't seem to qualify.Whatever opinion you hold about your affairs, the important person in the whole affair is you and what you stand to benefit from the relationship.Some are just out for fun and nothing serious, so let's accommodate.I know language is a barrier in Islamic religion but when we seek the truth, we shall find.

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